Chukwuma chides Senator Ubah over ownership of Gabros FC, Stadium


Chukwuma chides Senator Ubah over ownership of Gabros FC, Stadium

Chairman of Gabros International FC of Nnewi, Chief Gabriel Chukwuma(Ogbuefi) has chided Senator Ifeanyi Ubah over ownership of Gabros FC and the Gabros Stadium located in Nnewi, Anambra state.

Blueprint can report that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah claimed ownership of the club and went ahead to renamed it FC Ifeanyi after paying N100m (One hundred millions ) to Chief Chukwuma in which the former NFF vice president Chukwuma acknowledge but insisted that it’s just a part payment of the total sum of N10 billion naira property.

Reacting to a report on one of the social media platforms where the writer was giving reasons Gabros FC which later metamorphosed into Ifeanyi Ubah FC and even owned a 13,000 capacity stadium failed, a situation which erroneously bestowed property ownership on Chief Ifeanyi Ubah, he said Ubah was only wasting his time, deceiving people as he never owned any of them.

According to the Nnewi born chief, ” you people are making mistakes till today. Ifeanyi Ubah never bought the club or stadium from me. The two properties are still mine and we are still in court. Everything there are still mine, they belong to Gabros. I have all the documents with me. Ifeanyi Ubah is just stressing himself on things that do not belong to him. Honestly, he does not have a case there. Very soon, the truth will come out and Nigerians will know that I am sure of what I am saying”.

Chief Chukwuma, who frowned at a situation whereby the press had persistently bestowed ownership of the properties on Ubah without knowing the true state of affairs, lamented that Ubah even sold his premier league side which he never bought from him.

” He doesn’t have any right to sell somebody’s club or the stadium situated on over 63 plots of land or other empty plots of land. Remember that that stadium had in the last 30 years, hosted home league and international matches of clubs like Heartland, Rangers and Enyimba. This was the same stadium he said he rebuilt. But I want to tell you that everything there is still mine.

” Let me sound it loud and clear that I still have the documents which are proof of ownership. You don’t buy a property worth over N10 billion with just N100million deposit and a promise or by ‘awalawala’ or ‘ojolo’ way. It is laughable! It doesn’t work like that. I have made him understand this, using men of caliber in Nnewi to make him realize this, yet he has refused, claiming he has invested heavy amount of money in rebuilding another man’s property and that the money he has spent in rebuilding the stadium is enough to give him ownership of the entire property. He just wasted his time and money rebuilding the stadium. That was not our agreement and the property does not belong to him, he knows that.

” I want to reiterate that Gabros International Football Club, Gabros Stadium and all the empty plots of land there are all mine. One cannot buy them with only N100million and a promise which has not been fulfilled”, Chukwuma concluded.