Devotion to Students’ Welfarism: Nwa Abia’s Example


Devotion to Students’ Welfarism: Nwa Abia’s Example


Education is the key to unlocking the potentials of the youths and transforming our society. Through education, individuals are empowered to reach their full potentials, contribute meaningfully to the society, and drive progress and innovation.

In this regards, the Micheal Okpara of current generation High Chief Chris Akachi Nwa Abia, has proven to be a beacon of hope for students by prioritizing their welfare and educational advancement through various initiatives, aimed at empowering the youths and transforming the society.

In fulfilment of his vision and mission as vowed to students’ community during his electioneering campaign and in furtherance of his educational goals as captured in the ARISE Agenda, Nwa Abia has again, demonstrated his penchant for educational advancement in Ohuhu, through his recent payments for many students writing WAEC undergraduate students of Ohuhu indigenes are not left behind.

The payment process, which began years ago has seen over 1000 students benefitting from the funds. A distinguishing feature of this kind payment is the incorporation of digital technology into the process, resulting in a more efficient and transparent disbursement. This cutting-edge approach not only safeguards the beneficiaries from potential exploitation, but also demonstrates Nwa Abia’s dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of the people.

In addition to the gesture on our pupils and students High Chief Chris Akachi Nwa Abia has also dished out significant monetary interventions in other homes which least but not the last women from his community benefited in a special package of grant to boost their businesses.

This initiative creates an inclusive educational environment and also provides equal access to educational opportunities and resources for physically challenged, highlighting the Nwa Abia’s dedication to promoting diversity and inclusion in education.

The establishment of the educational trust fund for persons living with disabilities, highlights the Nwa Abia’s dedication to creating an all inclusive educational environment, providing equal access to educational opportunities and resources.

Besides, Nwa Abia’s generosity and encouragement for academic excellence is also evident in his award of scholarships and grants to outstanding students.

Moreso, the scholarships and grants also serve as an inspiration for other students to aspire for excellence and showcase their talents and skills, and equally reflects the Nwa Abia’s appreciation and support for the intellectual and creative potential of the youths across Ohuhu.

Without any doubt, Nwa Abia’s actions have cemented his reputation as a leader who prioritizes the welfare and education of the youths in Ohuhu, Abia State in general. His initiatives have not only improved the lives of the students, but also contributed to the advancement of the state and the nation.

It is my firm belief that his strides in the educational sector will have a lasting impact on the lives of students and Abians, and inspire our youths to become future leaders and catalysts for positive change in the society.

Nwokonna Emmanuel;
Voice from Ofeme.