Governor Umo Eno’s Inclusive Approach: Appointing Non-Akwa Ibomites into State Positions – A Step in the Right Direction


Governor Umo Eno’s Inclusive Approach: Appointing Non-Akwa Ibomites into State Positions – A Step in the

Governor Umo Eno’s administration has taken a bold step towards fostering inclusivity and competence in Akwa Ibom State’s governance. By appointing non-Akwa Ibomites into key state positions, the governor is building bridges across divides. He has demonstrated a commitment to meritocracy, diversity, pan Nigerianism, just like President Bola Ahmed.

It is rare to find a sitting governor extending appointment to non indigenes. But Pastor Umo Eno has done so without qualms. During the electioneering season while setting up his campaign team, Umo Eno had graciously included myself, Reverend Osondu Ahirika, Emmanuel Owuala (Emma Solution), Celestine Maduforo and a host of others, as media team members for which we remain grateful to him. It is not and will never be a tea party to be part of the political system of state that is not yours. Akwa Ibom state has first class in accommodating and cutting soap for non indigenes.

When the MPM leadership called the very first meeting of 37 media representatives to sell the candidacy of Umo Eno at Monty Suite shortly after Udom Emmanuel announced him as his preferred , myself and Reverend Osondu Ahirika were among the chosen. Gladly, Reverend Osondu got appointed as Commissioner into the Board of EARCOM, although at the twilight of the Udom government . Emmanuel Owuala was an Aide to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Talent Hunt.

Outside the aforementioned, Umo Eno has done well in appointing some non indigenes into positions of authority. These include his SA on Domestic Affairs Henry Owolabi, SA on Security Matters DIG (Rtd) Adeyemi Ogunjemilusi, SSA on Non indigenes affairs Emmanuel Ogbole, SA to the Governor on Arewa Community Alhadji Ibrahim Iliya and recently SA on Technical services, Charles Nwabueze Okorie. He made promises to appoint SAs for the Yoruba, Igbo and Niger Delta communities.

This is commendably impactful and is reminiscently akin to what Kano and Rivers governors did recently. Days ago Governor Sim Fubara appointed 23 non indigenes as Councilors representing various wards of his state out of which 3 are from Akwa Ibom state. The three Akwa Ibom People whose names were sent to the Rivers State House of Assembly for screening and confirmation on Wednesday 19, 2024 were Mr. Eno Peter, Emem Timothy Ekanem and Ekarika Emmanuel. Kano State Governor, Alhadji Abba Yusuf appointed Chief Chukwuma Innocent Ogba as a Special Assistant in his office. President Bola Tinubu as then Governor of Lagos state appointed Ben Akabueze as Commissioner for Economic Planning and Chief Joe Igbokwe who later went on to serve as SA on Drainage Management. Ben Akabueze went on to become Federal Director in charge of the Budget Office.

Umo Eno’s knack for inclusiveness in governance deserves a mention. Like President Bola Tinubu, Umo Eno’s appointments transcend geographical boundaries, bringing in experts from various Nigerian states. This move encourages national unity and cooperation, injects fresh perspectives and ideas into the state’s governance and demonstrates a commitment to merit-based appointments. This adds to his resume of pan nigerianism and he can be called upon to lead Nigeria having proven he is detribalised..Recall that Tinubu appointed non indigenes including ibos and hausas in his administration. It made it easier for him to win the presidency as bridges were built across the six geo political zones. Umo Eno is towing the same line. Recall that Umo Eno is one Governor President Tinubu has openly commended for his developmental strides, detribalised demeanor. The President has since taken him into confidence and has now appointed him into a board meaning he is getting noticed nationally.

By prioritizing competence over geographical origins, Governor Eno’s administration enhances the state’s capacity for effective governance, promotes a culture of excellence and Inspires confidence in the state’s leadership. The appointments have been met with widespread acceptance from Akwa Ibomites, who recognize the pan Nigerian system, the egalitarianism of our political landscape, value of diverse perspectives in governance, merit-based appointments and enhanced state performance.

Governor Umo Eno’s inclusive approach to appointments sets a positive precedent for Nigerian politics. By prioritizing competence and diversity, Akwa Ibom State is poised for growth and development. This bold step deserves commendation and serves as a model for other states to follow.