High Chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu salutes Men on Fathers’ Day,…calls for responsible fatherhood


High Chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu salutes Men on Fathers’ Day,
…calls for responsible fatherhood

As the world celebrates International Father’s Day, the President general Ofeme Progressive Union Federated, High Chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu has expressed respect for fathers across the country noting their sacrifices for their families, while also suing for responsible fatherhood.

Chief Ofoegbu who described Father’s Day as one for deep reflection, tasked them to keep nurturing their families by promoting love, understanding and godly virtues in their homes through closer family ties even as he charged mothers and children to pray for them.

The Ofeme born philanthropist maintained that as joint custodians of the family whose strength helps fuse the home, fathers need to be actively involved in the upbringing of their children and deserve to be acknowledged, celebrated and honoured for their phenomenal roles in their families and society at large.

He said that the disciplining of children should be done with love, adding that a father should also show understanding to his spouse in the home.

High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu frowned at some broken homes where fathers had scattered their families through meanness and lack of love for their wives and children, as well as being absent dads.

He therefore urged fathers to start cultivating closeness to their children by ensuring that the home is filled with loving care and firm discipline, with a child clearly understanding why he or she was being reprimanded where and when necessary.

Onyinye Ohuhu as fondly called also urged fathers to spend more time with their families, instead of hanging out always in joints with friends and peers, explaining that this will enable them to bond with and understand the individual differences in their children, which makes them unique from one another in terms of characters and their viewpoints.

She however prayed for health, long life and grace for fathers to become the spiritual and moral guides for their homes so that the family will be more stable with positive impact as the basic unit of society.