The Holy Week in Christendom refers to the week of Easter. These are days set aside to commemorate the celebration of Easter. These eight days start from triumphant entry otherwise known as Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday when we monumentalize the resurrection of Christ from the dead after defeating and making a public show of all principalities and powers which has held humanity captive from the fall of Adam.

The week has other memorable days such as Holy Thursday, and Good Friday which are all arranged to make Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ which took place on Easter Sunday.

Before these days, we have a 40-day period which we know as Lent. Lent is a period during which many Christians remember the events leading up to and including the death of Jesus Christ, whose life and teachings are the foundation of Christianity. It is a time of reflection and of asking for forgiveness, and when Christians prepare to celebrate Jesus’s resurrection at the feast of Easter, which comes at the very end of Lent. It always starts on a Wednesday known as Ash Wednesday.

To mark this year’s Holy Week, the mayor of Umuahia North Local Government Area, *Hon. Chief Victor Ikeji* calls on Christians to be good ambassadors of Christ wherever they are. In his keynote address, he advised that every Christian should take this period to reflect on his life, and take the message of love that Christ acquainted us with to our neighbours. He advised that we should not take the event as an annual ritual where we show affluence and neglect the poor in our society.

*Hon. Ikeji* also noted that his administration has drafted programs that will reflect positively on the lives of the masses and create a lasting impact on humanity

He also appreciated Ndi Umuahia for always displaying the character of good Christians which has imprinted the council as a Godly zone. He charged them to remain in the faith herein we are known.

Conclusively, he advised that the message of hope brought by the death and resurrection of our lord Jesus should never escape our mouth even after this period drafted by men. Let everyone get to know Christ by himself and stay in Him as that is the only way to win this world.