Inside Abia: Nkwoachara Autonomous Community Presents Their Eze-elect to Govt in Grand style


Inside Abia: Nkwoachara Autonomous Community Presents Their Eze-elect to Govt in Grand style

Chief Dr. Mac Ihemelandu Okwa, the Eze-elect of Nkwoachara Autonomous Community in Ohuhu, Umuahia North local government area of Abia State has officially been presented to the Mayor of Umuahia North LGA, Chief Victor Ikeji.

The official presentation of Eze-elect, Chief Okwa to the Mayor of Umuahia North LGA is part of the customary and official process for the recognition of an Eze-elect (King) of an autonomous community by the government in Abia state.

The event was held on Thursday at the Umuahia North local government secretariat with a rich cultural display which caught the attention of people and created a blissful atmosphere in the LGA secretariat.

The Deputy Mayor of Umuahia North LGA, Mr. Okechukwu Anthony Amah received the Eze-elect and his entourage at the Umuahia North LGA secretariat and led them to the office of the Mayor of Umuahia North LGA.

Among the entourage of the Eze-elect was HRM. Eze Elder Abel Ogbonna, Eze Chukwu of Opara-na nku awa autonomous community of Umuahia North LGA.

In the speech of Mayor Ikeji, he applauded the presence of HRM. Eze Ogbonna while stating that it is the first of such visit to his office, having an Eze-elect for recognition and accompanied by another paramount ruler of a community which he said “shows a lot” as it speaks volumes to the visit amongst numerous visits by other Eze elect.

“As a matter of fact, this is the first time an Eze-elect has been accompanied by another Eze and that shows a lot for those who have eyes to see.” Mayor Ikeji said.

Mayor Ikeji also added that when elected or appointed to rule in a community, it simply means a call for service to bring a lot of positive change in the community, thus, in an actual sense such a position shouldn’t be contested for.

“Most Eze is self sufficient, their people deliberately chose them to be their paramount ruler, that is because in an actual sense, community leadership in that level shouldn’t be contested for, this is call for service, this is service, not politics, as far as I’m concerned, I believe this is the proper choice of the community.” Mayor Ikeji said.

He also added that the government is only interested in who the community members choose and also to rectify issues in any community.

“From what I’m seeing, this is the man chosen for this position.” Mayor Ikeji said.

Mayor Ikeji assured that his office will support Eze-elect Chief Dr. Mac Ihemelandu Okwa to succeed, having in mind the procedures of gaining recognition as an Eze(King) of a community from a siting government which begins with the endorsement of the Mayor before he can move further.

He wished the Eze-elect, well and his community while advising him to lead the people well and encouraged the community members of Nkwoachara Autonomous Community to give their Eze-elect the necessary support to lead well.

Giving hints on his emergence while speaking to our senior correspondent as the Eze-elect of Nkwoachara Autonomous Community, Chief Dr. Mac Ihemelandu Okwa said his people had him in mind to become the Eze of his community and when he was called upon to take the mantle of leadership, he had to respond to the call.

In his words; “when I was called upon to pick up the mantle of leadership, I reciprocate them and it has been a journey that I warned them that if it is a contest, I will not be interested, they assured me that it would never be a contest, along the way it turned out to be a contest but I had people in the community that made sure that it was not a contest and today it is evident that it was never a contest.”

Meanwhile Eze-elect, Chief Mac Ihemelandu Okwa affirmed that along the line, there were challenges but they were not what he couldn’t handle.

“However, the event of today was reached as a consensus as you can see, the little challenges we had was about people trying to reap where they did not sow. But I believe that they have realized it and like the Igbo sayings, “you don’t drag for the kingship of a community but God makes anyone King” of his community.”

He also added that the large turnout of the community members was a massive sign of support and approval from his people. He however vowed not to fault his predecessors during his reign, he affirmed that his community has been lagging behind and since the current government of the state is moving forward, he is ready to cue up his community with the development strides of Governor Alex Otti.

While applauding the support of his community members, he assured them that they made the right choice and pleaded that they should unite to move their community, Nkwoachara to the next level while affirming that he will do all within his powers to make the community succeed.

On his part, HRM. Eze Abel Ogbonna who attended the occasion alongside his cabinet members said he got involved and played a key role in the emergency of Eze-elect Okwa when he noticed the interest of some people from another autonomous community who he gave their names as Mr. Okechukwu Nwaubani from Opara-na nkaru awa autonomous community and Bishop Onuoha. HRM Ogbonna described it as absorptivity.

“It is an absorptivity, I didn’t like it, so I felt they wanted to come and cause trouble for me here whereas Nkwoachara has somebody that is capable and efficient to occupy that post. I have tested him and he is capable, so I have to support him because he is the rightful person, let them take what belongs to them.” Eze Abel Ogbonna said.

Eze Abel Ogbonna in his advice to the community members was to come together and help the Eze-elect Okwa to succeed so that whatever they want for the community will be achieved. He however advised Eze-elect Chief Okwa to put God first for him to succeed.

Eze-elect, Chief Dr. Mac Ihemelandu Okwa holds a PhD in Healthcare Administration. He is the 5th Child of late Mazi Lazarus N. and late Nneoma Grace Okwa of Amauhie, Umuyota Alaike, Ohuhu in Umuahia North LGA.

From records our correspondence learnt that Eze-elect, Chief Dr Mac Ihemelandu and his wife had single handedly sustained a medical mission to his community by providing much needed healthcare services including medications, medical equipment and reading glasses.