No justification for vandalisation of Public infrastructure- EARCOM



No justification for vandalisation of Public infrastructure- EARCOM

The Akwa Ibom State Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation Commission, EARCOM, have again frowned at recurring cases of vandalisation of public property, insisting that there are no justifications whatsoever for such irresponsible behaviour.

Speaking as a guest on the Congress, (a radio current affairs programme monitored on Premium 89.9 fm, Abak), A Commissioner on the Board of EARCOM, Hon. Goodnews Etiutom Ediene, dismissed arguments that poverty and communal conflicts are some of the major issues that drive vandals to loot or destroy public infrastructure, to him it is the highest level of unpatriotic behaviours.

Hon. Ediene who kicks against the lack of maintenance culture plaguing our society, decried the looting of basic social amenities in public schools, electricity infrastructures and healthcare facilities, stressing that, host communities are obligated to maintain, preserve and protect those public facilities put in place by government in their localities being that they are the direct beneficiaries of such basic amenities.

He charged security agencies to be on the trail of vandals and called for severe penalties to be imposed on miscreants who are caught vandalising public amenities so as to serve as deterrent to others who may consider venturing into such anti social behaviour.

The Dr Dorothy Thompson led EARCOM, he added, will continue its public enlightenment on the need for imbibing the maintenance culture through every mass media even as he tasked village heads to mobilise town criers to sensitise the people at the grassroots on the importance of collectively safeguarding public infrastructure in their domains.