Abia Community Nabs Six Suspected Gays, Hands Them Over To Police


Abia Community Nabs Six Suspected Gays, Hands Them Over To Police

About six young men ranging from the ages of 35 to 40 were lucky to have survived lynching in the hands of the Irate inhabitants of Umunkpu, Ofeme in Umuhia, Abia State, in an event that occurred on the 28th day of May, 2024.

It was gathered that these guys, whom some members of the community have suspected to be engaging in immoral sexual activities, and indoctrinating the young ones in the community, were caught pants-down in a sexual romp with one another in an apartment.

An eyewitness who craved anonymity in the community informed our correspondent that the community was alerted by a local vigilante; identity undisclosed, who heard a strange noise coming from apartment while taking his night tour around the area.

Our reporter was informed that the youth, who mistook the noise for a robbery operation, alerted his other colleagues for security and immediate action.

However, what they witnessed was eye-sore and very shocking. Our reporter who went a step further to inquire from the youths and local vigilantes what they saw, gathered that the guys were caught pants down on one another in an act that the vigilante was too traumatized to mention to our reporter.

One of the vigilantes who spoke in his dialect related the event to that of Sodom, and that only God could wipe the scene off his head.
The whole community was thrown into anger and a moment of confusion.

Attempts were made by some irate member of the community to lynch the culprits as homosexual is seen as the ‘devil’s act’ in the community. It was hard getting and confirming the identities of the culprits, however, our correspondent through the help of one of the members of the community was able to get names of two of the culprits; one Esther Amarachi Ibekwe, Ukpabi Chijioke and Ohaekeleme Kelechi, Ifeanyi Osuagwu and Chidiebere Uwandu.

Confirming the incidence, one principal member of the community who wants his name withheld, said the guys, whose attitudes and characters have become suspicious in the community, were becoming menace to the young people in the community, indoctrinating them into immoral things.

Reacting to the actions attempted by the irate members of the community, he said ‘we will not allow immorality be treated with kids glove in our community and that will serve as a deterrent to other who may want to follow in their footsteps. We handed the guys over to the police at day break for the law to have its way’.

He further stated that the community in recent times is experiencing the influx of Western way of life and an alarming rate of immoral indoctrination amongst the young ones, mostly from people who are not members of the community, but had only come to settle amongst them.