*** Says policy thrust is holistic, and holds enormous prospects for Nigerian Youths

An Adjunct Professor of the North Dakota University, USA, Engr. Dr. Wisdom Patrick Iheanacho has extolled Eze Ndi Igbo in Kosofe for including the genders empowerment as a focal aspect of his ARISE Agenda.

The revered Oil and Gas Expert and foremost traditional ruler gave the commendation on Friday, December 15th, while speaking with newsmen on Eze Ifeanyi Anyaogu’s agendum on boys and girls sports emancipation, as enshrined in his ARISE Agenda, in Abuja the capital of Nigeria.

While dissecting the ARISE Agenda policy thrust on both genders and sports as a great empowerment, which is designed to encourage and assist boys and girls acquire skills, develop and grow future calling, as well as increase their participation in political and socio-economic activities, Dr. Wisdom iheanacho informed that youth empowerment is an apt initiative as it goes beyond just empowering the youths, but also positively impacts on their families and by extension, the larger society.

Dr. Iheanacho, a Fellow of both the Nigerian Society of Engineers (FNSE), and the Nigerian Institution of Safety Engineers (FNISafetyE) also a custodian of tradition listed the objectives of the agendum to include increasing men/Women access to talents, training and retraining, which will enhance their basic access to market the nation and employment opportunities.

Dr. Iheanacho also enunciated other objectives of the agendum, as encapsulated in the ARISE Agenda to include: improving Women access to own income facilities for business start-ups and upgrade; increasing Women access to quality and affordable healthcare services; and reducing the existing gender gap in educational programs.

While commenting on the implementation enablers of this policy thrust, the imo state born, British trained Chartered Engineer who is fully registered with, and accredited by the British Engineering Council (BEC) informed of plans to encourage the formation of Women groups, associations and cooperatives, for improved access to overseas training assistance; plans to ensure the registration and documentation of existing Women/men groups with relevant agencies, to improve their access to sports; plans to embark on massive talent hunting and training programs for youths across diverse sectors of the economy; plans to promote the training and retraining of youths in vocational and technical sports educational programs; as well as plans to steadily increase the enrollment rate of the girl-child in educational programs at all levels.

Similarly, the Ethical and Attitudinal Reorientation Czar also listed a number of key medium and long-term strategies and actions plans of the policy thrust including: plans to encourage and assist the young ones in sporting activities and entrepreneurial ventures through mentorship and funding; and plans to improve youths participation in the society, as well as encourage their appointment to leadership positions.

Known for his massive campaigns and strong sustained advocacy for the adoption of a value-driven approach to governance and leadership, Dr. Wisdom iheanacho who recapped the saying, “when you develop a woman, you develop a community”, maintained that empowering youths is not only crucial, but also momentous and apt.

The multiple excellence award winner and youth enthusiast, while positing that Youths are known nation builders from time immemorial, craved the indulgence of the Government to engage them extensively in government and sporting planned social re-orientation programs and projects.

“the youths are vital partners in progress, in the development of any society. Arguably, 70-80% of the sporting activities that we consume across the globe today, come from the efforts of this football players. As such, beyond engagement in social re-orientation programs, I strongly advocate for the government to involve qualified coaches in the planning and execution of the various sports initiatives encapsulated in the ARISE Agenda policy framework.”

While reiterating Eze Ifeanyi Godwin Anyaogu’s promise for Women/ men sports empowerment as contained in the ARISE Agenda, Dr. Iheanacho assured that the policy thrust in focus, prescribes holistic steps towards implementing youth empowerment, and holds enormous prospects for Nigerian Youths.

“The ARISE Agenda policy thrust on Youth/ sports empowerment is a testament of the avowed commitment, passion and unwavering stand of Eze Ndigbo in Kosofe on issues relating to Youths development, which is a key imperative for societal development”.

Speaking further, Dr. Iheanacho expressed hope in Eze Ifeanyi Anyaogu’s willingness and determination to match and even surpass the internationally prescribed 30% target earmarked for youths in positioning and grooming Youths in position of authority.

Dr. Iheanacho also recommended a strong synergy between the Office of the First Lady, and the Ministry of youth Affairs and Social Development, in order to optimize the actualization process, towards achieving the objectives of the Arise Agenda policy thrust on youths empowerment.

He again tasked citizens to be alive to their civic obligations, duties and responsibilities, and be devoid of friction and unwarranted criticisms, if we must move Nigeria forward.

Nwokonna Emmanuel…..
Writes from Abuja