Sir, Permit me to humbly and respectfully congratulate you for a successful one year in office ,as the executive governor of Abia State, Gods own State .

Understandably, one year is not a long duration to access a government of four years term but however, one can dispassionately pass some remarks on the achievements recorded thus far and as well as the pitfalls .

It is therefore,on this premise that I humbly write to first of all commend and appreciate your passion and zeal geared towards restoring the lost glory of Abia State and locate her on the part of sustainable economic growth and development, after about twenty four years of dysfunctional leadership .


Sir, You have really faired very well in the areas of restoring investors’ confidence in the State, through aggressive
Infrastructural development and
it is indeed heartwarming to witness the revisiting of age long abandoned roads , like Portharcourt Road,
expansion of Ossah, express road , recoating and fixing of pot holes across the State etc .

The health sector, especially the eye clinic, is indeed attracting positive compliments across the nation.

The security of lives and property , have indeed tremendously improved , especially the once notorious,Okiqwe/Enugu routes, that was hitheto impassable due to the activities of kidnappers, is now safer .

It is also on record that workers receive their salaries on time and the pensioneers are now smiling , instead of grumbling .



In the area of education, nothing really has changed . The loss of confidence in public schools is still very much the order of the day . The quality of public schools should be improved to make it more attractive and affordable,for Abians


Politically, I make bold to humbly submit and I stand to be corrected, that you have not been able to broaden your Political base and financially empower or raise people that can lay their life for you, especially at the grass root level . There is hardly any political activity at the grassroots, making the grassroot detached from real governance .

Power and Political Office is a group affairs, but in Abia State, it does appear that the reverse is the case . The dominant view is that you personalized governance and this has given you away as a lone ranger in the public eyes , which of course, explains the mass defection of notable Abia politicians to the opposition party instead of the ruling party . This, on its own, potends danger for the ruling labour party because of the inevitable gang up, come 2027. And
Sir, your free entry , free exit argument, for Political defectors, is not entirely true . The question that should naturally arise, is what is the political implication of the mass defection of notable Abia politicians to the opposition party ??. The answer is not far fetched.


There is a deep seethed animosity among the Labour party, members and the political appointees, especially as regards the dominance of Abians of Diaspora extraction or returnees in your cabinet/administration, as well as the billionaires and retired general’s Mayor. It is imperative to strike a balance in respect of appointment, between those who really worked for your emergeance , that is the party faithfuls and Abians of Diaspora extraction . This will enhance harmonious relationship that is pivotal to service delivery and electoral success .


Sir , your relationship with the Elder Statesmen and Political Class, including those you visited repeatedly during your campaign, is not too cordial. Many of them are complaining aloud over this development, and in politics, one is not expected to perminently shut or open his door. A Scheduled thank you visit with hampers, may not be a bad idear after all.


Your confidence and reliance on the masses support, is a good one but I must add that it is not full proof . Time and history ,has proven that the masses are gullible and very gullible at that .


Stomach infrastructure/welfare, is and has always been part of governance everywhere in the world . It is important that you should spare some thoughts in this direction . There is a need to financially empower people ,who will stand in the gap for you when the cheaps are down. Even among your cabinet , there are little sounds of grumbling and murmuring, and the resultant effect is usually lack of genuine commitment to duty and sabotage . The notion of apostolic work,has lost it’s appeal to most of them, especially in view of the current economic situation of the country .


To flag the Abia State flag , successfully after the first four years term and entrench your foot prints on the sands of time, there is a need to rejig and reposition the party , making it more attractive, all inclusive and appealing for people to join .

The grassroot which is pivotal to electoral success, needs to be consolidated by convening periodic meetings. Also, the welfare of party officials should be given adequate attention ,for confidence building purposes .The report from this quarters is nothing to write home about .

While the relationship of your administration and that of the elders of the State and political class should be diplomatically and Political managed. This class of people are the neck that controls the head, in the sence that they have directly or indirectly impacted on the lives of their constituents and therefore have some measure of influence over them , which can not be easily wished away .

The wheel of infrastructure development should be fast tracked to correct the notion that you are merely servicing already existing infrastructure without building new ones .

Local Government Elections , should be conducted to ursher in elected Chairmen, who will pilot the affairs of the government at the grass root level .The continuing administration of the local government with appointed administrators,no matter the nomenclature, is not a plus .


The civil servants in Abia State have about forty percent voting strength, and they voted massively for you during the last general election, but regratably your approval rating among this class of people is going down . This is partly because of the series of varification exercise and the inability of the government to address the issues thrown up during that exercise , which have left many workers salaries unpaid for many months counting.

I do sincerely wish you well Sir , while praying that the good Lord who is ever faithful and ever reliable will grant you the wisdom to continue piloting the affairs of our dear State, Abia . Remain focused and remain blessed.

Hon Okezie Obasi , Is A Grass Root Mobilizer And Political Analyst .