Ride-hailing platform, Vum begins operation


*Ride-hailing platform, Vum begins operation*

A ride-hailing platform, Vum Ride has announced the debut of its services which promises to take the industry by storm.


The company launching what it describes as a groundbreaking app, “Vum”, aims to elevate the experiences of both drivers and passengers.


The company said the product comes with “a host of cutting-edge features and benefits that distinguish it from the competition”.


According to Amb. Emeka Odidika E., Managing Manager of the company, “Vum Ride promises the fastest and safest means to book rides within your city, connecting you with professional taxi drivers and dispatch service providers.


“Our well-established company leverages user-friendly applications available on both Google Playstore and AppStore, granting users effortless access to transportation and logistics services”.


He highlighted what he describes as exceptional benefits including placing its drivers at the forefront, empowering them, and rewarding their dedication by ensuring that drivers retain a remarkable 90% of their earnings with only a 10% commission for Vum Ride.


He also listed its Car Maintenance Policy by providing comprehensive car maintenance support, with the additional benefit of “engine oil changes, brake pad replacements, and filter replacements”, for drivers who meet specific monthly trip targets.


Amb. Odidika added that “Vum Ride values and celebrates its hardworking drivers by offering a multitude of incentives, including weekly, monthly, and yearly rewards for those who achieve the highest trip counts.


“Prizes range from household appliances to cutting-edge mobile phones and even the chance to drive away in a brand-new car”.


He added that drivers enjoy 5% Return In Ride (RIR) in their first 30 days with an additional 5% return in ride for every completed trip, setting it apart.


Customers who stay online for a specified number of hours daily unlock additional bonuses, adding to drivers’ earnings, with fares starting at a minimum of N800, ensuring drivers never earn less than this amount, irrespective of the distance covered.


“Vum Ride ensures accurate pickup locations within a 2km range and precise mapping for hassle-free navigation, minimizing travel-related stress.


“Our in-app chat feature reduces the need for drivers to make phone calls, effectively saving on communication costs.


“Drivers can easily connect with management for issue resolution through the in-app chat feature, backed by our physical office in Nigeria, guaranteeing offline support when required.


“Passengers undergo rigorous verification processes, providing drivers with peace of mind when welcoming them onboard,” he stressed.


He listed other packages designed for Dispatch riders, Okada riders, Keke riders, and various delivery services.


Aside from the drivers, he explained that passengers enjoy a generous 5% discount on their rides during their first 30 days with Vum Ride.


“Similar to our drivers, passengers also receive weekly, monthly, and yearly incentives as a token of our appreciation, and subsequent months offering discounts of up to a staggering 300%”, He concluded.


Furthermore, customers can reach Vum Support through their website: www.vumride.com, or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via @vumplc.