……..Godwin Ben alias Black warned

Royal Fathers in Akwa Ibom State have warned Mr. Godwin Ben popularly known as Black in ONNA Local Government Area to desist from creating crisis in the ONIONG Clan Council as any more attempt from him will incur their wrath.

In an interview with newsmen, the Royal Fathers said, they will invoke relevant sections of the Traditional Rulers edict and descend heavily on Black if he feels he can use his myopic reasoning to cause further disharmony in the body.

They maintained that it is illiteracy and a high level of unciviliation that has made Black to reason that the Traditional Institution is a body that can be mocked.

“There are processes that can lead to the removal of a village Head and clan head and definitely not the route, the Boy called Godwin Ben alias Black is adopting. And that he even went ahead to deceive the Police who earlier escorted the perpetrators of that silly act of removing the clan Head of ONIONG Clan in ONNA HRH Obong Barr Samuel Efik before they withdrew when they had the correct information is not only callous, but insulting to the Traditional Rulers not only of ONNA but also of Akwa Ibom State.

The Traditional Institution frowns at such development and we urged all family heads that were involved in that charade to go for cleansing lest they incur the anger of the Institution.

“We want to state emphatically that it is only the State Government that has the right to remove a Village Head and the last time we checked Godwin Ben and his misguided Comrades in that nomadic Idiocy are not Government neither are they working for Government.”

The Royal Fathers however appealed to members of the Public to ignore the news making the rounds that HRH Obong Barr Samuel Efik is no longer the Clan head of ONIONG Clan in ONNA as the action of Black and his co travellers is dead on arrival.

Speaking with our reporter, the Clan Head who pointedly accused Black of trying to forment trouble in the Clan said, Godwin Ben is a misguided individual who knows nothing about the traditional Institution. He said, the action of the family heads was done out of ignorance and shall not stand the test of time. He maintained that he remains the authentic clan head of Oniong clan and the Village Head of Ikot Abasi Oniong

While thanking our reporter for reaching out to him to hear his own side of the story, he emphasized that the action of Godwin Ben is treasonable. He said, Godwin Ben is just being confused and boastful of the powers he does not have.

It was learnt last night that the State Government viewed the alleged removal of Chief Efik as a play by some ill informed Family Heads who will soon be addressed in the manner they deserve.