All Manner of Tactics, Including Emotional, Sentimental and Sectional Blackmails Against The Election That Brought Up OPUF Exco Led by High Chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu


All Manner of Tactics, Including Emotional, Sentimental and Sectional Blackmails Against The Election That Brought Up OPUF Exco Led by High Chief Raymond Onyinyechi Ofoegbu

Prince Obioma Oburuoga

After the death and burial of the late longest serving President General of Ofeme Progressive Union Federated,OPUF, Chief Ndubuisi Kanu, his deputy High Chief Emma Aguikwu, took over, but prior to this time there had been serious agitation for their executive to step down or conduct an election to usher in new administration, having spent over fourteen years in that position without anything positive to show for it.

The agitation for an election nearly led to crisis which HRM Eze Christian Udoka had no choice then than to intervain to avoid crisis. He called for a meeting at his palace, where all the actors and sections of Ofeme ancient kingdom was present. I was at the meeting, Emma Aguikwu was there among many others.

At the end of the meeting, it was unanimously agreed that the executive led then by TPM Aguikwu, was over due for a change, hence the house asked them to step down. Some of us who were his loyalist ( Emma Nwokenna, myself and few others) protested, but he told us not to worry and accepted the decision of the majority. He was equally nominated as a member of the newly constituted interim executive, and he accepted. *Note that this, was not a unilateral decision of HRM Eze Christian udoka, it was generally agreed to by all present.*

However, I admit that the interim committee led by Barrister David Onyemeta did not adhere strictly the terms of reference and time frame given to them. *Note also that TPM Emma Aguikwu was a member of that team*
Their failure led to another round of complaint and agitations, that forced Barrister David Onyemeta to inuagurate both Constitutional Drafting and Electoral Committee.

The constitutional drafting committee completed their job in a record time without any complain from anyone. But as soon as the election committee announced their time table, hell was let lose by those who never wished Ofeme to move forward. *They devised all manner of tactics including, emotional, sentimental and sectional blackmails. Against the election that brought up one of Ofeme best, High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu ( Onyiye Ohuhu).*

I and Emma Nwokenna, was asked by the traditional ruler of Mbato autonomous community, HRH Eze Nwankwo, to find a way to bring peace between Emma Aguikwu’s faction and electoral committee led by Sir, Barrister Johnson Kanu. In the pursuit for peace I equally contacted the President of OPUF Lagos branch Chief Mbaoma, he equally asked for us to make peace between the two leaders. I personally called my Dede Emma Aguikwu first and requested/pleaded/ begged that in the interest of Ofeme he should meet Johnson Kanu and find a solution, this was before the election. He agreed, we went to Johnson Kanu after initial resistance, bowed to our pressure and agreed.

Finally a meeting was fixed for both leaders to meet without any of us or outsiders. But Emma Aguikwu at the dying minutes refused to attend the meeting and refused to meet with him, but he rather sent a text to Johnson Kanu that rubbished our efforts and those who sent us.

But nature abhores vacuum and no single individual is bigger than Ofeme or can hold her to ransom, hence Ofeme people decided to move forward by electing new leaders.

However, after the election, the PG Raymond Ofoegbu and his Executive went to Ikoro Ohuhu, HE, Sir Ambassador Empire Kanu seeking for the way forward to avoid throwing Ofeme into avoidable crisis or faction. He suggested for a meeting with only himself, the PG and Emma Aguikwu.

The date was fixed for April 10th at his Excellency’s house, but Aguikwu again did not show up, he came up with another excuses ( he did not call on time to state he won’t come). On the 12th Ofoegbu sent him a message, he failed to respond, but because of Ofoegbu’s believe that peace is achievable, he persisted and eventually on April 13th, TPM Emma Aguikwu finally agreed to meet with the PG,( rather than in Sir Ambassador Empire Kanu’s house he chose somewhere in town).

According to the PG, Emma Aguikwu accepted his position as PG, but expressed concern over some positions presently been occupied and promised to liase with his group and supply names to fill some vacant positions.
On Saturday 20th April,2024, the PG sent him another message, asking him for response to their discussion. TPM’s answer was that ‘ *am still working on it’*.

*As the PRO of the Union, I have refused to join issues with a man I have great respect for, High Chief Emma Aguikwu, but I had to do this to let both Ofeme people and the entire world know that, High Chief Emma Aguikwu has not come out with the truth why he want to throw Ofeme into crisis.*

There is this Igbo adage that says “no man stands on the road for ever” and a leader is that one that builds successors and equally knows how to quite when the ovation is loudest.

*Dede, I am asking you this for the first time in the public, what do you want? Is there anything you are hiding you do not want exposed?*
Ofeme is bigger than one man you cannot hold us to ransom, let Ofeme breath

Dede, you know that I will never support anyone to insult you and I will not do that, but do not push it too far, youruba people have this adage, “goat do not bite but when pushed to the wall it will”.

Dede, please let peace reign, leave a good legacy for which history will judge you favourably
Throwing Ofeme into crisis will not do us any good. Join hands with the elected Executives to move Ofeme forward.

*Achievments by the Executive of OPUF led by Onyiye Ohuhu*

1, Opening of an account for the first time in history of the Union

2, Paid the EEDC bill for the water project attracted by our brother Hon DR Okechukwu Enenamah.

3, Inuaguration of Ofeme Security Network

4, Registration of the Union with Umuahia North Local Government Area.

5, Setting up of Committee to look into;
a. Our health centers
b. Schools/education
c. Infrastructure
d. Employment and Empowerment of our people
e. Reactivation of the markets.

As it concerns the water project, the Union want to service the generator and replace the dead battery. Trace the pipes and service where necessary. Turn it into revenue generating project to ease the maintenance pressure on the people.

Support the Ofeme Progressive Union Federated, OPUF, led by High Chief Raymond Ofoegbu (Onyiye Ohuhu), for Progress and Prosperity of Ofeme.