Group to Hon Anderson Akaliro, You’re A Symbol of Peace, National Unity,


Group to Hon Anderson Akaliro, You’re A Symbol of Peace, National Unity,

The member representing the good people of Umuahia North State constituency in the Abia state House of Assembly, hon kelechi Anderson Akaliro has been described as a symbol of National Unity for his bipartisan politics and all inclusive governance.

Representatives of various communities in a gathering at the birthday party of HRM Eze Sir Innocent Adiele Nwaigwe, Chairman Umuahia North Council of traditional rulers made the remarks on Sunday during the cutting of cake.

The group maintained that the member has not only concentrated in delivering democracy dividends across the nooks and crannies of his state constituency but has ensured political inclusion, tolerance and peaceful co-existence among every group irrespective of political leaning in discharging his duties.

“We are happy that you are one outstanding House of Assembly member who understands that political parties are just mere vehicles to get to political office but more importantly you understood the need to unite the people for the purpose of ensuring unity, love and general good of all.

“We have watched with keen interest your genuine support for President Bola Tinubu’s administration, we have seen the synergy and working relationship between you and the traditional rulers among others in other political parties and we are glad that national unity, peace, development, progress and harmony remain your priority.

“Umuahia North state constituency under your watch is working and we have seen the spread of programmes across every sector of the state constituency.

“You are also a very compassionate member whose milk of human kindness had touched the vulnerable and indigent members of the society beyond the boundaries of your state constituency,” they added.

The group urged the member to improve his pragmatic approach to leadership and ensure that a new Abia and Nigeria emerges from his candid efforts and examplary leadership and political disposition as seen in his constituency.

“We are carefully following your activities with keen interest and we can also say emphatically that you are the symbol of a new Nigeria we are eager to have”

Responding to the remarks from the groups, hon Akaliro reiterated his strong believe in the unity and progress and development of Nigeria above partisan politics.

The House of Assembly member who maintained his strong desire to wholly support and ensure the success of president Bola Tinubu’s administration said the president is working hard to address problems he didn’t create.