Ambassador Anyaragbu Condemn the Evil Profiling Of Ikwuano LGA by Aguocha.


Ambassador Anyaragbu Condemn the Evil Profiling Of Ikwuano LGA by Aguocha.

The Ikwuano LGA Coordinator of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ambassador Chinweuba David Anyaragbu condemned in totally the evil profiling statement made by the federal lawmaker representing Ikwuano/Umuahia at the Green Chamber of the National Assembly, Hon.Obi Aguocha brandishing Ikwuano as a center for Banditory, kidnapping, and Armed Robbery.

Reacting to the heinous statement he made while presenting a bill on the floor of the national assembly in a statement brandishing Ikwuano and profiling the citizens in a bad image because you want to present a bill on the federal road is a show of evil heart.

My heart bleeds at the sad crediting a peaceful and secure local government because you are seeking cheap popularity.

During your days of campaign you paid a visit to me by 2 am in the night did you see armed robbers?

I know you are an ungrateful man instead of you to applaud Ikwuano and face the reality of why you are at the National Assembly.

It is quite unfortunate that Umuahia North where you come from is now the center for insecurity, kidnapping, Armed Robbery, and heinous crimes that made Gov.Ofti launch Operation Flush.

Presenting a bill for the Federal Road has been done at the Red Chamber by Senator Darlington who never insulted Ikwuano.

Hon.Aguocha, If you want to present a bill at the national assembly don’t drink and if you drink don’t present a bill.

Hon.Aguocha should apologize to our people on National Television in the national paper for his statement crediting Ikwuano as a zone for insecurity.

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