With the recent happenings in the political scene in Ohuhu land, in which some indigenes of the clan, who should have known better, attempted to be a cork in the wheel of development in the land, by showcasing their level of ignorance in the scheme of things since High Chief Victor Ikeji assumed the office as the Mayor of Umuahia North Council, the mayor will not be deterred, but even more determined to provide corresponding dividends of Democracy to the people of Umuahia North, the landlord of the state capital.

The mayor, irrespective of the numerous sarcastic display of ignorance by these persons in the name of unfounded criticisms, has instead of giving into their spurious condemnations, continues with his striking performance and people oriented policies of the golden era administration. The mayor remained steadfast, focus, resolute and unperturbed by ignoring the seemingly jobless critics who are obviously unaware that the mayor is not a fan of politics of bitterness.

The mayor’s effort in demystifying governance is topnotch. I am talking about the only council boss in Nigeria at the moment who has consistently proved that politics could be played in a manner too friendly to be predicted, it is on record that the mayor has demonstrated this feat since his assumption of office as the mayor of Umuahia North Council, starting from when he hosted respected Politicians, Technocrats, Captains of Industries, Successful Business Men and Women, Representatives of Organized Labour, Private Organizations, Bankers, experts of Industries and Professors from all works of lives across party lines, for an uncommon gathering known as on Dr Alex Otti’s vision we stand less than months after being sworn into office. Tactically speaking, that was the first of its kind in the history of Umuahia North, Abia state and even Nigeria at large, for a newly sworn-in mayor to conceive such an idea in the early days of any Administration.

It is important to emphasize that the mayor has been at the forefront of leaders preaching political inclusiveness as key to enhancing Political gains and development, thereby attracting the right dividends of Democracy to different parts of the Council. Note that Chief Ikeji was one of the persons before he assumed office as mayor of Umuahia North, who congratulated Dr Alex Chioma Otti on his election victory at a record time. And other elected party faithfuls even beyond, mayor Victor Ikeji equally identified with the labour party members and wards at the grass roots openly before and after his emergence as the Council boss, without recourse to political affiliations to his indelible footprints ongoing across the sector.

Another son of the soil name undisclosed chose to rants disgracefully on platforms in a bid to run down the government of Chief Victor Ikeji. The question is, when a son of the soil, in the ranks of political gurus and business mogul who should use his professional background to contribute meaningfully to the development of his own State and local government is even the one doing everything humanly possible to run down the State, it is safe to ask what sought of a learned gentleman of this he is? Is this all that is there in the political Marchant.

I hereby advice other people who may wish to toe the path of criticisms, to check and confirm if there is any known economically viable sector that the mayor has not touched since his assumption of office in line with the Arise Agenda, the blueprint of the golden era administration before they go on to criticize the mayor. The mayor has successfully addressed all the key components embedded in the Arise Agenda, being the policy documents of this administration. These include Agricultural Revolution, Rural Development, Infrastructural Maintenance/Advancement, Security Management and Educational Advancement. Practically speaking, all the sectors listed above are beaming with testimonies from the golden touch of High Chief Victor Ikeji, the mayor of Umuahia North.

As a Naysayer, please do yourself a favour by confirming every necessary fact before coming to the public to run down the people friendly administration of Mayor Victor Ikeji. Finally, let it be known that the mayor, Chief Victor Ikeji has performed maximally, beyond expectations in less than months in office.

Arise, that same God.

Nwokonna Emmanuel;
Voice from Ofeme.