Mayor Victor Ikeji’s Secrets Exposed


Mayor Victor Ikeji’s Secrets Exposed

“The secret of greatness is simple: do better work than any other man in your field – and keep on doing it.”
-Wilferd Peterson

People have secrets. Some secrets are good, while others are dangerous based on certain reasons. Although people are prone to think that secrets are entirely bad, there are good secrets that help to keep people ahead of others. But the truth is, everyone has secrets, either the one that made them grow or the bad ones.

One thing is very essential, any man that wants to be rich or great must learn certain secrets from great people.

Our master Jesus Christ had a secret, which was prayer. From prayer, he healed people and opened their minds. Divers forms of miracles were done as a result of the prayer secret. This implies that every successful man attained such height through certain secrets.

In Umuahia North, every leader has secrets that distinguished his administration from others. From the first democratically elected chairman of Umuahia North and to the appointed, we have witnessed their different secrets to successful leadership.

In this golden era of Mayor Ikeji, he approached leadership with his secrets. A wise man once said that leadership is not just about giving orders; it is about inspiring others to act. High Chief Victor Ikeji has inspired and raised many leaders since he assumed office months ago. He values the input and expertise of his team members, and that makes the work easier for him.

Mayor Ikeji’s leadership secrets is that, he utilizes every opportunity he has to fulfill the promises he made to his people during the campaign of Dr Alex Otti. He rarely forgets what he said, and is always committed to fulfilling same.

During the governorship campaigns, he painstakingly took notes of the challenges of each Local Government Area of the state. He took notes of the different requests people made, and the responses he gave. From political inclusion to running an unbiased government, urban development, establishment of projects in local Government Area, and many more, the story of promise keeping is the same.

The construction of revitalization of ulonna farm, putting smiles on people’s faces and the reward to hard work on Umuahia North Council workers ongoing phase by phase visitation on rural community needs across Umuahia North among others, are promises he made.

In the education sector, the mayor has not left any stone unturned. He has initiated projects in the sector, including the construction of Ofeme central school he visited after the fire outbreak, distribution of copies of customized exercise books for pupils in public primary schools, paying of school fees to students of Ohuhu origin.

Moreso, the Transportation, Security and Tourism sectors have received a golden touch of development, in line with his campaign promises. Rural communities are not left out in this golden era, as the mayor is touching his promise of initiating projects aimed at developing the once neglected communities.

It has entered an unbroken record that the mayor has preserved the secrets of excellent leadership in the capital city that is housing God’s own state.

He is fulfilling his promise through every available opportunity. By the time he completes his tenure, Umuahia North people will be proud to say that the man that came with promises has been able to keep the promises, develop and connect the dots of leadership and has brought government more closer to the people at the rural level.

Nwokonna Emmanuel;
Voice from Ofeme!!